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Tech Heroes Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated under the companies Act, 2013 and the company is limited. The company has been in business since 7th Aug 2015.

Tech Heroes Consultants Pvt. Ltd. have presence in Maharashtra.

Tech Heroes Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Specializes in examination processing of large state wide examinations.

Examination processing details

Examination planning :- Examination planning involves planning of examination dates, possible estimation of applicants, estimation of general recourses required for various stages of examination. At planning stage the advertisement of examination is finalized. The entire examination schedule and time line is also formalized.

Pre examination work involves following :-
  1. Advertisement.
  2. Online application form reception.
  3. Application form reception through Online Website.
  4. Offline application form reception. ( if applicable )
  5. Customer support for online application form and offline application form reception.
  6. Examination center booking and planning of actual examination Conduction.
  7. Examination seat number generation.
  8. Online and offline hall ticket generation.
  9. Management for emergency hall ticket dispatch.
  10. Signature, Roll Number and Center list generation.
  11. MIS reports for examination management.
  12. Answer sheet printing.
  13. Question paper setting and printing.
  14. Transportation of the material to the final examination destination.
Conduction and Post examination processing involves following :-
  1. Examination conduction.
  2. Movement of the answer sheets to centralized location.
  3. Result processing and short listing of the candidates for interview.
  4. Final merit list and waiting list generation.
Scope of work

This section describes our scope of the work and short description of our understanding of each item.

Online application form reception :-

Tech Heroes Consultants will built online application form and make it available for deployment by installing on the server.

It will be responsibility of client to collect and maintain online data and give it to Tech Heroes Consultants Pvt. Ltd. for further processing.

Offline application form reception :-

Offline application form will be received by client and submitted in bulk to Tech Heroes Consultants for Data Entry. Actual transportation costs for movement of Application forms will be responsibility of Client. If Tech Heroes Consultants is required to collect the physical application forms, the transportation and manpower costs will be charged separately act actual.

Call Center Support for online application form and offline application form reception :-

Tech Heroes Consultants will provide a call center with four mobile phone numbers for assistance for online, offline form filling and hall ticket printing.

Examination center booking and planning and actual examination conduction :-

Exam center booking will be responsibility of Tech Heroes Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Question papers can be set and printed either by client or Tech Heroes Consultants.

When question papers are to be provided by client, they are expected to be provided in center wise, room wise format.

Tech Heroes Consultants will be responsible for distribution of question papers in safe and secure manner to all examination centers.

All examination material including answer sheets, signature rolls, emergency hall tickets, center lists, MIS reports required for management of examination and distributed to examination centers will be responsibility of Tech Heroes Consultants.

Employment and training for examination conduction staff will also be responsibility of Tech Heroes Consultants.

Bringing all the filled MIS reports, used and unused answer sheets, signature rolls to one centralized location in safe and secure manner will be responsibility of Tech Heroes Consultants.

Key technologies

Exam Tech :-

Exam Tech is our key examination processing system that has in-built features for application forms data entry, hall ticket generation, examination center allocation, OMR answer sheet processing and merit list generation.

Web server :-

Application forms are received on our robust web server online through online form reception module on internet. Hall tickets/Admit cards are also made available to the candidates over internet through online hall ticket module.

OMR :-

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is technology of electronically extracting intended data from marked fields, such as checkboxes and fill-in fields, on printed forms. This requires the image to have high contrast and an easily-recognizable or irrelevant shape. OMR technology scans a printed form and reads predefined positions and records where marks are made on the form. This technology is useful for applications in which large numbers of hand-filled forms need to be processed quickly and with great accuracy, such as surveys, reply cards, questionnaires and ballots.

OMR technology is used extensively in examination processing for recording the answers of multiple-choice questions. We take special care in designing OMR answer sheets so that the forms work very well with the OMR engine. This technology is also used for application form processing. With use of this OMR technology, we are able to achieve flawless result in short time span.

Barcode :-

Barcode is machine readable code and probably oldest and one of the more reliable printed code technology.

Barcode technology is used in examination processing for variety of ways including form identification, candidate detection or for security purposes.

Infrastructure and resources:

Data entry operators :-

We have ten skilled data entry operators with related infrastructure such as desktops with flat screen monitors connected through high speed gigabit Ethernet network.

Desktop and Servers :-

We have one quad core servers (rent basis) and ten desktops with Intel architecture.

Scanners :-

we have two high speed scanners with combine scanning capacity of more than 50 pages per minute.

Printers :-

We have two high speed laser printers. Our combined in- house printing capacity is in excess of 60 pages per minute.

Office space :-

We have approximately 1000 sq. feet office space at Pune waked and around 1000 sq. ft office space in Nashik.

Library :-

Examination processing requires efficient library management of the physical application forms and answer sheets. We currently have a large library with steel racks that is capable of holding more than 5 lack documents in secure manner.

Power backup :-

We have facility of power backup, backed up by UPS and generator backup for uninterrupted power supply.

Engineering Resources :-

We have a team of 4 experienced software Engineers and one database administrators lead by Software Architect.

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